Sunday, June 24, 2007

Day One and a half

Well, hi there everyone! Here's to the Baldwin family trip to California.

First I'd like to say... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MICHAEL! He is now... drumroll please... the big twenty one. Martini's in the morning right?

Right now I am sitting in the Holiday Inn in San Francisco while everyone is getting ready for the day. Yesterday (the 23rd) was our day of travel, and boy oh boy did we travel. Our first flight was at 4pm or so, and that was a direct flight to Las Vegas! It was a fun, but long, flight with some great neighbors. We were sitting next to the principal of Hampton Bays middle school and three of his teacher friends who were going on a vacation to L.V. By the last hour of the flight, they were already gambling on which flight attendent would walk by first. Let's just say... "TEAM BOBBI!" So we landed at L.V. and mom was drawn to the slot machines, but she held back... and we got some stomboli from sbarro's. that was good and oily and before we knew it we were on an eight o'clock (pacific time) flight to Oakland. That was only an hour and a half, and it was already 11:00 at Long Island time, so we were verrrryyyyy tired. I had two glasses of coke and Michael had two cups of coffee, but it didn't really help. Although, a very fun taxi driver who reminded me a lot of Borat ("veddy nice") kept us awake so we could see the great skylines of San Francisco. So we got to the Holiday Inn, and the rest is a good night's sleep. Today we have checkout from here at 11, I believe, and then we check in to the Hilton around 3 and then our whole tour begins, we have a welcoming dinner tonight and I shall report back soon.



Mom said...

Hi Kate and all the Baldwins. Have a fun trip and, oh yes, Happy Birthday Mike.
Florida Aunt Fran

Deb said...

Hey, my mom says she won't comment on my blog but she comments on yours? Not right.

I hope you guys have a great time. And Happy Birthday Mike - 21, wow.

Deb said...

By the way, I put a link to your blog from mine so it looks like I have friends. ;-)